Giorgia Fumanti fait un malheur en Chine et en Colombie

Giorgia Fumanti
Giorgia Fumanti

Québec’s favourite Italian, Giorgia Fumanti, is continuing her conquest of the world’s stages. After an extraordinarily successful 20-date tour across Québec, a series of concerts in the United States, a breath-taking performance at the Kremlin during the 2013 AMA Music Awards, and a series of concerts in Italy during the summer, including a spectacular Lucio Dalla tribute concert alongside Italy’s greatest musical stars in Milo’s Greek Amphitheatre at the foot of Mt. Etna in Sicily, the Diva is moving on to even bigger things.

Giorgia Fumanti was among the headliners during the opening ceremonies on the big outdoor stage at the 2013 Meixi Lake International Art Festival in China on September 13. The concert  is being  broadcasted on Hunan TV to an audience of over 50 million people, and the reaction to her performance within the Chinese entertainment industry as well as the public at large was unanimous : Giorgia Fumanti is quite simply “EXTRAORDINARY”.

And for the first time in her career Ms Fumanti has taken on the South America market, with a concert last Saturday at the magnificent Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in Bogota, Colombia. The audience was absolutely stunned by Barefoot Diva’s stellar performance.  Ciro Vargas, the man behind Shakira’s success, was in attendance at the show and had only one word to describe the artist :  “ESPETACULAR”.

November 12, 2013 is the date set for the release of the Diva’s first all-Spanish album, “Corazon Latino”, recorded in Buenos Aires by world-renowned producer-musician-composer Litto Nebbia. This December Giorgia will again be touring Québec, this time performing her magnificent Christmas show in various church settings.

photo: Caroline Demers